About The Team

Three experienced musicians eager to build a community of artists in Lake Nona and the surrounding communities.

Meet our President, Stephanie Houde! Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in music from Liberty University, and a master’s degree in music from George Mason University. She spent over 10 years in a multi-faceted music career, from teaching middle school choir in Northern Virginia, teaching private piano and voice students, leading worship bands at Methodist Churches, as well as some gigging. While Stephanie is currently working in a non-musical field, her heart will always be in music. She is excited about the future of music and the arts in the Lake Nona area.

Meet Kevin, our Treasurer! Music has always been a part of Kevin’s life in some capacity. He has always wanted to be a part of a community choir, but struggled to find a local arts group. When Stephanie approached Kevin about starting the Lake Nona Arts group he was eager to get involved. The opportunity to build a community through music is not one he wanted to miss. Kevin looks forward to collaborating with the members of the community, and to embark on this journey together.

Meet our Assistant Director, Jonathan! Jonathan has a varied musical background that includes more than 20 years as a choral director, nine years of studies in music composition, and several stints in audio engineering in studio and supporting live performances. He is eager to help the Lake Nona Choir enrich our side of Orlando by allowing people to share in the arts.